5 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Testosterone Today!


There’s no doubt in my mind that testosterone is the master hormone of man. It governs our mood, mindset, health, and overall relationships we have in the world around us. It allows to have better sex, a boost in confidence, and the aggression needed to face the world head on.


I remember a time when my testosterone wasn’t so high. I felt depressed, low energy, the world itself felt grey, along with feeling angry and frustrated at the world because I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I’m still not where I want to be in life, but I’m less angry about it because I’m actually putting in the work to make it happen this time around. Before, I felt like a little bitch with a victim’s mindset.


All of that needed to change.


And change it did, for the better. Inside you’ll discover the top 5 ways I’ve found to naturally boost my own testosterone when it was at its lowest. You’ll be able to start implementing these today. 

Testosterone Boost #1: Sunlight

At my worst, I was inside playing video games all day. In the basement. In the dark. I was getting very little sunlight and when I did go outside it felt like my eyes were burning out of their sockets. I felt like a fucking gremlin living in the dark. My dad would call them basement dwellers. This wasn’t the way to live.


Sunlight is the most important and natural way to acquire Vitamin D. Vitamin D is not only a vitamin itself, but also a hormone that boosts testosterone. As humans we’ve evolved to be outside in the sun and sleep in the dark when the moon is out, and when these two get thrown off balance we begin to develop mental health problems along with low testosterone.


What you can start doing today: Walk outside for at least 60 minutes in the sun. Expose your skin to as much sun as possible, but do not get burnt. If you have fair skin like myself, you’ll need to slowly introduce more sun every day.

Much like progressive overload, aim to add 10-15 minutes of your sun exposure every week and you’ll never burn. 


Also, skip the sunscreen. That shit is bad for you on so many levels.

Testosterone Boost #2: Beef Liver

When I first tried it, I literally felt the energy coursing through my veins and felt completely unstoppable. This is the experience I want you to have when you try beef liver. Your testosterone will skyrocket and you’ll feel like the king of the world.


Beef liver has endless amount of natural benefits, here’s a quick list:


  • Vitamins B12 & A

  • Zinc to help the immune system

  • Iron to promote healthy hemoglobin production

  • Phosphorous boosts bone and teeth health

  • Selenium promotes healthy metabolism

  • Copper is excellent for energy production


Beef liver is extremely easy to make as well. I usually cook it on a frying pan along with onions. You can’t go wrong. 


Beef liver has an acquired metallic taste, so if you’re no into that you can marinate the beef liver for 24 hours in milk and it’ll take away that taste. 


Don’t sleep on beef liver, it’s a great way to boost your testosterone!

Testosterone Boost #3: Have More Sex

You got it. Having more sex increases your testosterone, but what happens if you’re not having a lot of sex right now? 


If I were you, I would be honest with your needs and desires with your girl. And if you don’t have a one girl in your life, then keep reading because the next two are for you and that will help you get more women in your life.

Testosterone Boost #4: Lift More and Heavier Weights

At my worst, I wasn’t working out at all. I was lazy and just sat on the couch all day. It wasn’t until I stepped into the gym that actually changed my life. It allowed me to push my body to new heights and give it the stimulus it needed to break down the muscles so new ones could grow in its place.


And I recommend you do the same! Building muscle is the single best way to boost your testosterone. It’ll boost your metabolism, help you lose fat faster, it will help you take your shirt off with confidence, and you’ll even fit your clothes a lot better! Shopping just got easier.


I highly recommend you purchase a gym membership at your nearest gym and start training consistently 3-4x Week. You won’t see results in a week, shit it might not even be 12-16 weeks before you see noticeable results. But think of it like an investment. You won’t see the growth immediately, but when it compounds year after year, that’s when you see the big changes. So stay consistent and disciplined regardless of motivation, and you’ll boost your testosterone naturally.

Testosterone Boost #5: Fix Your Diet

Diet is where you’ll see 80% of your results alone. You can try out training your bad diet, but you’ll most likely burn yourself out before that happens. And I don’t want that to happen to you. So here a few guidelines and principles I follow to help make that easier on myself:


  • No refined sugars and wheats

  • No soda drinks

  • Eat whole foods

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Little to no beer

  • High protein diet

  • Meal prep to make it all easier


These are a few of the things that I’ve done that changed my diet and overall life and mindset. Your gut health is deeply intertwined with your mental and hormonal health. I used to eat like shit, so I felt like shit. I did the opposite, and now my testosterone flourishes every day. And yours can too!


Testosterone is sacred. Society will tell you today it’s not important, but you can look at the men who have low testosterone compared to the ones that have high testosterone. The guys who are living the life you want to live and going all in on themselves have high testosterone. They’re happy, confident, they’ve got the girl of their dreams, and a physique that reflects it all. This isn’t the time to be jealous, it’s the time to be inspired! 

So let’s go over the five natural ways to boost your testosterone


  1. Sunlight

  2. Beef Liver

  3. More Sex

  4. Lift More and Heavier Weights

  5. Fix Your Diet


These five are the foundational principles you can follow and implement today to boost your testosterone to help you live the best possible life. If you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to leave a comment. If you haven’t already, then I highly recommend you grab the “Fight Against The Skinny-Fat Physique — And Win” free ebook by clicking this link.


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