About me

Short Story

About me

I know how it feels to not have any direction in life. I also know what it takes to turn your life around. When I was 19 I knew I was missing something. I didn’t have a mission in life, no sense of purpose and I lacked discipline. I grew up playing a lot of video games and would enjoy coming home from school every day to smoke weed. I must have spent over $500 on weed, in just two months.  I enjoyed playing soccer but my video game addiction was taking over. I got a greater sense of satisfaction hitting buttons on a video screen than kicking a soccer ball.

 I felt I was accomplishing something, but really video games were a way to distract myself from taking responsibility for my life. My addictions were getting out of hand. My girlfriend was going crazy because I spent more time getting high and playing video games than giving her the attention she needed. I ended up breaking up with her.I began flunking college because I’d spend more time drinking alcohol and watching porn than doing any work. I became lazy and devoid of any sense of purpose in life. This went on for years and years and it wasn’t until second year of university when I needed to change things up. 

Changing My Life Around

It was my 20th birthday and I decided I wanted something better. I was reading an email from Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes when it felt like a fire had been lit under my ass. I imagined my father talking to me, telling me to get my shit together. I knew I needed to change and do something with my life. I went cold turkey and stopped smoking weed and drinking alcohol.

The Winnder's mindset

I found a barbell in my shed and started doing exercises. After an hour I felt amazing. I felt I could stick with this over a long time and make progress, despite not getting results immediately.  I started to feel like life was on track. That I was regaining direction with my life and taking responsibility for my own actions. 

i felt like a winner.

Four years of constant work and I started noticing serious gains. Going to the gym was like meditation for me. My friends started coming up to me and said they wanted to see “those kinda results”. Helping them get into shape motivated me to become a personal trainer.I completed a certification online, joined a university gym, and started training clients online and in person. Now I’ve got my physique in excellent shape, my life has changed for the better. Women check me out and touch my arms and shoulders at parties. My finances are back on track and I’m making money. My relationships are healthier as I establish proper boundaries with people and things. Every aspect of my life is on the rise as I take responsibility for my own actions. Now I want to help you do the same and achieve your fitness goals to change your life forever. I send out three-five emails per week to those on my newsletter. These emails contain advice on training, mindset, diet, motivation, and anything else I think you’ll find useful.