Blue Collar Business Leaders: The ONE Thing They All Have in Common

Are you a blue collar business leader? You need to read this.

Everyone online, especially fitness “gooroos,” talks about mindset. 

It’s a topic that’s been milked over and over again.
It’s not the “hidden secret to health and wealth.”
It’s mainstream at this point.
As a result, it’s not taken seriously anymore.

I think that’s a HUGE mistake. Without a proper mindset, you can’t self-motivate yourself to hit the gym when you don’t feel like it, you talk down on yourself, and all the progress you’ve made goes out the window because you’re beating yourself up mentally.

I’ve been there, and it ain’t pretty.

But when you spend enough time around successful business leaders – men who are leading their business, family, and health to a better land – you find out that it’s not business strategies or daily tactics. Their mindset and the way they think make all the difference.
Even the best business leaders put their pants on in the morning just like everyone else.
They’re just like you and me, but they’re successful despite their failures and lessons because they keep going even when they want to quit.
Person A has a fragile mindset and caves to the pressure and responsibility of his business, blames others, and thinks in absolutes when failures arise. His ability to solve problems is low because he doesn’t understand life is about acquiring skills and experience.
Person B has a powerful mindset and takes responsibility for his actions, business, and family without blaming others. His ability to solve problems is high because he’s aware of the skills he has to develop, sets aside his ego, and isn’t afraid to ask for help.
Can you see how the mindset between these 2 people is different and how their health, business, and family would be two different walks of life?
This is only one example of one particular problem, but you can apply this to any facet of life.
So how can you develop a powerful mindset?
Well, this is what The Winner’s Mindset Method is all about.
Change the negative internal dialogue in life to a positive one where you focus on the lessons and experiences learned.
Success loves speed – whether it’s for your health or business. Letting off the gas is a big mistake that I see a lot and one that I struggled with. Doing more and taking on more responsibility can keep the momentum even when you don’t feel like it.
This is something I’ve heard very few people talk about. You need to create an alter-ego of yourself that’s consistently winning. Your villain has already finished it when you don’t feel like working out. Your villain already got it done when you don’t feel like doing office paperwork. The goal is to keep up and beat your villain every single day.
I hope these three tips will help you out…
And if you’re a blue-collar business leader, I’m sure you have big plans for your health, business, and family; but understand this…
Those plans will never become a reality if you don’t get your mindset right.
It’s what separates the best from the rest.
Until next time,
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