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About my 1-0n-1 coaching

Hey Friend,
Does any of this sound like you? You feel a lack discipline and purpose in your life. You want to cut down on your porn and weed addictions. You want to feel confident so you can take top-tier women out on dates, and start enjoying life. Keep reading because I’m going to show you how to live the life you want. Here’s the thing… You lack the discipline and purpose to build a better version of yourself. You don’t have the energy to kill it in life and be top in ANY situation. 

You chase the easy way, with no one to hold you accountable for your poor decisions. You want to overcome your porn and weed addictions but don’t know how to. What if I told you I can help you? A solution where you can immediately start achieving more in life than just winning a video game. A solution where you can look in the mirror and be able to say “Damn, I look good naked” A solution that will help you fill out a t-shirt and get more attention from the ladies. 

A solution that will guide you on the proper path to getting your body moving in the most natural way possible. A solution I call… The Winner’s Mindset Program.

Left: Me at 20. Right: Me at 22

hi, i'm myles would,

The Winner’s Mindset Program is a custom coaching program that will give you the winning mindset and body you need for regaining your sense of purpose and direction in life. With my help, you will become more focused, more confident, and achieve a powerful physique. It’s all down to my expert knowledge, which I craft into a tailor-made training program for you based on your personal goals. I listen to your EVERY need and design a special workout and nutrition plan around your goals, so you can achieve the physique you deserve. I leave nothing to chance.My coaching program has been crafted from my knowledge, experience, and lessons from working with clients to transform their bodies.

What You Get With The Winner’s Mindset Program

  • My ultimate fitness principles to maximize your training progress.
  • How building a strong physique is the foundational base for your life.
  • Videos of every exercise so you’re confident you’re doing them right.
  • A custom made program suited for your needs and goals.
  • Weekly check-ins with myself to ensure you’re happy with your progress and to fix any problems.
  • My ultra-effective mindset strategies for dealing with porn/drinking/weed addictions.
  • Proven tips for optimizing your sleep and nutrition to feel your best every day.
  • My personal mindset hacks to regain confidence and control over your life.
  • Ongoing help via my personal email address/phone number so you can ask me any questions you may have.

Most importantly,

You’ll have me on your side to guide you through the process and ensure you get the best results possible during our time together.

This isn’t some cookie-cutter program that can apply to anyone. You will get life-changing coaching and one-on-one time with me. So if you’re ready to commit to following my proven methods and have more confidence, more discipline, a better sense of purpose, achieve a Winner’s Mindset, and want to optimize your life, my program is for you. If you’re ready to get started, hit the button below to book in your introductory call and we’ll get going…

great results, Happy Clients

Clients success stories

“I began training with Myles a year after a complete achilles rupture. My goals were to regain leg strength, improve posture to avoid back pain, and work hard for a good mental high. Myles showed me that I could lift much more with proper bracing. His ability to accurately assess my fatigue allowed him to push me to get a few extra reps when I did not think I could achieve them. After training with him for 6 months, I am much more confident in doing heavy lifts safely.”

- Andrew
- matthew