How I Became a Personal Trainer and Why It’s Important For You

Who is Myles Would and how did he become a personal trainer?


I never imagined to become a personal trainer; and despite having an online presence for about a year, I never gave myself a proper introduction about who I am and why I do what I do. All my blog posts have one single goal: To educate you on training, nutrition, and fitness so that you have some take away to make you smarter and training harder along with building proper habits. This blog post will do just that, but in a different way. My aim is for you to get to know me better. How I got into personal training, why I became one, and where I’m going.


The Life of a University Student


All my life I have never taken a linear path. There’s always been some sort of ups and downs and detours that got me to where I am today. My life in University was no different. 

I began University at the age of 19 to study Philosophy and History at the University of Ottawa. I’ve always loved reading and writing, so it felt natural to do a program that promoted that. Like most students, they get into the drinking, partying, and drugs. For weekends on end, I was finishing 40s of Kraken, the darkest Rum on the face of the earth. 

By second year, I was still drinking heavy, playing video games, and smoking a lot more weed than I have ever smoked in my life. It got to the point that I bought my own bong and spent about 500$ worth of weed in a span of two months. With all the weed I was smoking, I had no confidence and felt extremely introverted because I didn’t want to socialize with anybody. I was eating out more, not working out at all, and my grades were failing. At this point in my life, personal training wasn’t even a thought that crossed my mind.

The Turning Point


Up until that point, I didn’t really understand the course of my actions. Everything felt like a blur until a couple of days before Thanksgiving when I received a piss poor mid-term grade from a class. I got a whooping 55%. Barely passing grade. This was the “aha-moment” for me. Something had to change. 

I came home and tossed all my weed out and sold my bong. I never wanted to see the bloody thing again. I was angry. I wanted to punch somebody or something. But I only had myself to blame. I knew I was getting dependent and addicted to weed so I needed to act on it and pull my head out of my ass once and for all. I went cold turkey and got my shit together. Cutting weed out was the first step, but there were a couple other things that needed to happen to really light the fire under my ass.

The Breakup That got me to become a personal trainer


At that time, I was in a bad relationship with a chick who was pretty crazy (it’s always the crazy ones that are great in bed). I needed to get out. At the time I was reading The Rational Male who showed a lot of Red Flags that she had. I did something about it and broke up with her. 

Now I came to a fork in the road. Either I could continue with my bad ways, or I could take this time to transform my life into something that I want. If you’re reading this then you already know the answer. I took off a year from serious dating and began to eat clean, train mean, and live lean for an entire year. One whole year. Personal training was now a curious thought in my mind.

Here are the results.


My grades, relationship with myself, friends, family, and women all increased. Vanity was a great motivator at that time. Since then, my motivations have changed into discipline and simply a need to exert my body daily. But back then was when I needed to prove to the world that I am an attractive man. So, I did. And it worked out perfectly. It was at this moment that I created a passion for fitness. 

I was always an active young man growing up playing soccer for 14 years and walked daily. But I didn’t have superior genetics or even a deep love for the gym until I saw the results of my actions. I decided to get my head out of my ass and get my shit together. The ultimate form of personal responsibility.

Final Year of University And becoming a personal trainer


By the end of my University career, I became a Personal Trainer. I loved training myself and wanted to do the community a service. To train other people to the best of my ability so they too can reap the rewards. 

So far, I’ve trained dozens of clients from all backgrounds. Men, women, young and old. Age doesn’t matter because wherever you are in life, you’ll always be able to build muscle. That’s the beauty of resistance training and nutrition. There is no barrier to entry, and anything is possible with the right mindset and willpower. Every man is both the Student and the Teacher. We absorb information from others, but we also learn more when we teach. We don’t know what we don’t know until we try articulating it to other people. And that’s why I love training. There’s so much that I don’t know. I aim to teach others so they too can have the personal responsibility to taking control of their lives again.

In my late teens, I didn’t understand the concept of personal responsibility. I did what I wanted without thought of the consequences. Luckily, I pulled myself out before it was too late. But what would my life have looked like if I didn’t? I don’t even want to think about it because I can’t imagine it would be anything worthwhile.

What the Future Holds


Tomorrow is the reality of today’s action. I’ll continue to train young men who want to change their lives around and regain their personal responsibility. I’ll also be training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the goal of competing in 2021. And if you’re a man that wants to get in the best shape of his life and have more confidence in everything he does, then you need the Atlas Posture Program.

You’ll be training your posterior muscles so you can finally stand up tall with confidence and earn the respect of those around you.

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