How I used this one Gorilla Mindset shift to improve my relationships and business, and how you can use it too.

Introduction To gorilla Mindset

June was the worst month for my business, mental health, and relationship with my girl. I didn’t sign any new clients, my self-talk wasn’t the greatest, and my girlfriend and I were fighting constantly. It wasn’t healthy by any means, but it forced me to take a step back and reassess for some deep inner work with Gorilla Mindset.


The fighting between my girlfriend and I wasn’t just some random fights over and over again. It was the same fight just in different forms. I’ll spare you the details, but it was as if a wound kept opening when it was trying to heal with a bandage solution. Something needed to change.


About half way through June, I had an urge to purchase the audiobook Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich. I had known about Gorilla Mindset for years, but I didn’t have that itch to get my hands on it. This was one of those times where certain books find you, and Gorilla Mindset was ready for its time. 

Gorilla mindset shift: Being Present And How To Do It


In Gorilla Mindset, Mike talks about being present. Not feeling guilty about the past or anxious about the future. He gives the phrase “there’s no place I’d rather be, there’s no person I’d rather see”, as an example. It’s all about being fully immersed and living intentionally in what you’re doing now at this present moment. 


The Gorilla Mindset method: If you’re getting lost in your own internal dialogue and thinking about the past or future, take a step back and focus on specific features in the present moment. For example, I’m sitting in my desk chair, my posture is erect with a neutral spine, and I’m typing these letters out on the laptop keyboard as I look at the screen and see the letters appear. If you’re out with someone you can look at their eye colour, the wrinkles on their face, the size of their nose. The goal is to be perceptive, not judgemental! 


The Problem: I Was Trying to Multitask

And this got me thinking about how I wasn’t doing that at all in June. I had been so focused on my business that I left my girlfriend on the backburner and gave her very little attention. As a result, more fights popped up which meant less attention on my business, forcing me to spend more attention on my business to make up for lost time and less on my girlfriend. And the cycle would repeat itself. 


Despite being with her physically, I wasn’t there spiritually or even mentally. I was always on my phone talking to potential clients and sticking my nose to the grindstone to make things work, but nothing was working because deep down I wasn’t being present in anything. I was multitasking and wasn’t being present, as seen in Gorilla Mindset.

Gorilla Mindset gave me the solution

I had an opportunity and a solution in mind. Over the long weekend I would do a digital detox. For 72 hours, I would put away my phone, and just be present in the moment while we were on vacation. I told my clients I was going on vacation, set up some automated tweets, and put the phone away from Thursday to Sunday the first weekend of July. 


I can tell you now, that’s exactly what I needed. My girlfriend was much happier and the stresses of business were in the back of my mind. I was finally able to relax, have better sleep, be of calm mind, and ultimately enjoy myself and have fun. I had truly internalized the Gorilla Mindset technique of being present and fully immersed in the world around me.

Having Fun

On the very first day of vacation I had a realization: I wasn’t having fun in June. So I reverse engineered that: “Why wasn’t I having fun?” I asked myself. Because I wasn’t being present, “and why wasn’t I being present?” I asked myself again. Because I was distracted, inefficient with my time, and trying to multitask which only led me to burn myself out. 


Most people don’t talk about burnout because it’s a dirty word but that’s what it felt like. I had fried my dopamine receptors from all the time of looking at my phone and watching those notifications go off. The Gorilla Mindset technique of being present prevents this from happening.


The Lesson

June was the toughest month, but it was the month that taught me the biggest lesson: Be more present in everything you do. It solves a lot of problems down the road. Where are you being distracted? Are you actually being present with your girl, your kids, your spouse or are you scrolling through your phone all the time? It’s something I want you to think about over the next coming days.


Take some time off from your phone. It’s good to do a digital detox once a while. Running an online business or even working from home is all fun and games until you’re addicted to your phone and don’t give attention to those who love you the most. These are mistakes that I made and that I’m much more aware of now.


So let’s create a challenge around it. I challenge you, dear reader, to take a full 72 hours away from your laptop, phone, and TV. Be out in nature, read that book you’ve always wanted to read. Go on that trip you never made time for. You’ll realize that when you come back, you really didn’t miss much. The world isn’t ending anytime soon despite the fear porn out there.


If you want to purchase a copy of Gorilla Mindset, you can do so here by clicking this link (not an affiliate link).Gorilla

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