How To Get Lean This Summer

The weather is warming up, and you’re probably transitioning out of the office and back into the field to be more hands-on with your business if you haven’t already.
Which means…

Beach season is right around the corner, and leaning out can be an uphill battle when you get caught up with jobs and fast food around every corner.

So here’s what I’ll be doing every day to get lean this summer 👇

Getting Lean Strategy #1: Eating less than what I am now and focusing on leaner cuts high in protein


With getting lean this summer, eating less is the primary first step instead of spending hours in the gym doing unnecessary cardio. I like to focus on getting a lot of protein in my meals to feel full, especially leaner cuts like ground turkey and chicken breast. I aim to get 1g per pound of bodyweight in protein to preserve muscle mass while in a caloric deficit.

So if you’re a 200lbs male and you want to cut lean out, having 200g of protein a day will be more than enough. This isn’t a hard goal by any means, but more of a soft goal to hit every day. The rest of the calories for carbs and fats can be figured out based on your food preferences and digesting.

Getting Lean Strategy #2: Full Body workouts 3x a week

It’s been a while since I’ve done a full-body program, but lately, I’ve been addicted. Being able to hit all your muscle groups within a workout does wonder to your mind and body. And let’s say I miss a workout; I’ve still given my body enough volume and intensity to promote muscle growth.

Full body workouts 3x a week for 45-60 minutes a session while aiming for positive failure creates more than enough stimulus to promote muscle growth, and at the very least maintain it. 

Getting Lean Strategy #3: Hitting 10k steps daily


This is a non-negotiable I do every day. I have a Fitbit that I wear and get about 3-4k steps done first thing in the morning, then I’ll break it down into however many I need throughout the day. It’s a good excuse to step away from the desk and get some sunlight. Hitting 10k steps is entirely reasonable throughout the day, especially if you’re on your feet.

10k steps a day takes about 90 minutes total and burns out 500 calories. Over the course of 7 days that’s 3500 calories which equates to 1lb of fat. As long as you don’t eat those calories back, you can easily lose 1lb of fat per week with the extra steps you’ll be doing. And if you’re working on your feet all day you’ll probably hit anywhere close to 15k-20k steps anyways.

Getting Lean Strategy #4: BJJ 3-4x a week + 2x boxing sessions


Martial arts is an excellent way for me to burn some extra calories. And I’ve been addicted to BJJ and boxing for over a year now, and I hit it every week. If you want to burn some extra calories, picking up a martial art can be an easy way to get into a caloric deficit.

Martials for me is a great way to get lean because it’s a fun way to do cardio. Like anything, if it’s fun then it’s easy to stick with, so if you find it’s difficult to do some cardio, then find some ways to make it enjoyable. Pick up a martial art, take the family for a hike through the woods, go out for a weekend trip to climb a mountain.

Getting Lean Strategy #5: Sticking to the same meals


Knowing what meals you’ll be eating and how many macros and calories can be the difference in knowing you’re in a deficit, maintenance, or even surplus. You don’t have to think about what you’ll be eating, and you know that the ingredients inside are good for you. Choose some meals on rotation that you eat weekly, and you’ll notice your own fat start to melt away.

Keep the meals simple, easy to make, and something you can put in Tupperware to bring with you to work. It’s save you the hassle of going to get fast food and ruin your caloric deficit.

Keep it simple, stay consistent, and you’ll see results.
And if you want a more structure to lean out this summer, then make sure to grab the Blue Collar Business Leader Playbook – your guide to losing fat and gaining energy clicking this link