What is Skinny fat Physique? How To Fix It


The skinny fat physique isn’t sexy. It’s largely men who have high body fat % and low muscle mass density. You’ve seen these guys before. I was one of those guys before, and I know exactly what it’s like. 


You’re tired all the time and don’t have the energy to do anything. You don’t look sexy in the mirror. You’re ashamed to take your shirt off at the beach or even in front of a girl. Maybe you don’t feel like a respectable father figure your kids can look up to for support and guidance.


It really all comes down to confidence, and confidence stems from having a fit and aesthetic physique.


So here are the 5 tactics you need to employ to fight back against the skinny fat physique in the next 90 days and ultimately transform your body to finally become the man you were destined to be.

Skinny fat Tactic #1 – Caloric Deficit

The first and best place to start and destroy the skinny fat physique is to tackle that excess body fat. It isn’t sexy and although it might keep you warm in the winter, it doesn’t necessarily mean the Mrs. wants to snuggle up close to you. So what you need to do is get your body fat to 15% or lower.


What this will do is basically reset your body. A recomposition is what it’s called. The best place to start is to eat less and burn more energy. Start by tracking all your food intake for a week in MyFitnessPal. If the scale doesn’t change, then you’ve found your maintenance calories. Now subtract 200-300 calories for a moderate loss, or up to 500 calories for a more aggressive loss. 500 calorie deficit over 7 days equates to 3500 calories, or 1 gram of fat as a reference.

SKINNY FAT TACTIC #2 – Train With Intensity

I’ve seen guys who don’t push themselves hard enough in the gym. They’re sitting around playing on their phones, scrolling through IG while looking for the latest booty pics to catch their eye. And then they’ll do some half-assed biceps curls and quit when the reps get tough. 


When the reps get tough is when the set actually begins. That’s when you show up and put in the work. Training with intensity is more than just getting your sweat on. It’s about pushing through those reps when your mind wants to give up. 


Aim to hit positive failure (failure without form breaking down), or at least 1-2 reps in reserve and you’ll never go wrong. If you’re stopping yourself short of that goal, then you’re really leaving gains on the table. Intensity is necessarily to destroy the skinny fat physique.

SKINNY FAT TACTIC #3 – Progressive Overload

Continuing with intensity, are you challenging yourself with more stimulus? If you’re not, you’re just going to stall yourself out for no reason!


Here’s how you can employ dual momentum progressive overload: 


In a given rep range, start at the low end and work your way to the top every week by adding another repetition with the same weight you used before. Once you hit the top end rep range, add 5-10 lbs and restart back to the bottom. Then do the whole process again until the end of time.


Keep this in your head: Either 1 more rep or 5 more lbs every week for about 2-5% more stimulus imposed on your body. Progressive overload is the antidote to fight back against the skinny fat physique.

SKINNY FAT TACTIC #4 – High Protein Diet

Specifically, animal protein. This is the most satiating protein out there. You’ll be full, it’ll help with recovery, you’ll have more energy, and your girl won’t be able to keep her hands off you. 


Aim for 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight. To help with figuring all that out, I highly recommend you download MyFitnessPal and change the daily macro intake percentage to whatever is closest to 1g per pound of your own bodyweight. 


What also makes this 10x more easier is meal prepping. Animal meats take time to prepare and be cooked properly; so if you can save yourself time and energy by already having those meals ready to go, then you’ll have no problem hitting your daily protein intake. Because it’s a lot harder to hit your protein markers than it is your carbs and fats with all the bullshit food out there, which is what’s causing you to have a skinny fat physique in the first place.

SKINNY FAT TACTIC #5 – Compound Movements

Lifting weights is the most basic step to transforming your physique. It’s the best way to stimulate muscle growth and lose that extra fat that you have around your belly. Doing excess amounts of cardio will still keep you in that skinny fat rut you’ve been stuck in. It’s time to break out of it.


So focus on your Big Lifts and their variations: 


  1. Deadlift

  2. Squat

  3. Bench

  4. Row

  5. Overhead Press

  6. Pullups


Not only will you save time in the gym, but you’ll also be focusing on maximum muscle recruitment. As for a regular program, I would focus on 2-3 exercises of similar variation, say a Push/Pull/Leg/Press split, per workout and then another 2-3 exercises for accessory/isolation exercises to really work on these lagging muscles. Compound movements and maximum muscle recruitment will allow you to be the most efficient with your time and energy to fight back against the skinny fat physique.


So let’s do a recap. When you employ these 5 tactics, you’ll easily fight back against the skinny fat physique. 


  1. Caloric Deficit

  2. Training with Intensity

  3. Progressive Overload

  4. High Protein Diet

  5. Compound Movements


But most importantly, you must be consistent every day with your diet, sticking to your training regime, and mindset. You won’t feel like working out every day and you won’t feel like meal prepping, but if you show up today, then your future self will thank you for all the effort you put in. At that point, everything will feel second nature and natural. You’ll feel off when you don’t train hard and eat clean. So get out there and fight back against the skinny fat physique!


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